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Does “Heart on Your Sleeve” Equal “See What You Get”?

by Erika Pages

We all know that people vary in how much they express themselves and their feelings. Some people can’t help but to be themselves. Transparency is this expression of the true self.


Resources for Members: Remote Teaching, Coping, and More

To support our members and the community, SPSP is providing a list of resources for teaching and coping during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Character and Context Blog

When Low Expectations are an Advantage in Romantic Relationships

by Giulia Zoppolat and Francesca Righetti

How much you appreciate your partner and relationship may depend on your expectations.


Does Being Religious Put People at Greater Risk of COVID-19?

by Brett Pelham

All else being equal, religious people have better health outcomes than less religious people. But being at risk for COVID-19 may be a troubling exception to this rule.


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